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Boat Repair & Maintenance in Key Largo, Florida

Key Largo Harbor Marina has certified mechanics on hand to get your boat back on the water and keep it there. Our crew performs boat repairs as well as services that keep your boat running, like oil changes, tune-ups, and overhauls for all makes and models. We work with fine products from quality suppliers such as Interlux and West Marine. Key Largo Harbor Marina is equipped with an 80-ton travel lift that was built to accommodate sail and power boats in an array of sizes.

Certified Boat Engine Repair

Spend more days at sea and fewer trying to diagnose and fix your engine. Our mechanics will get it up and running again in a timely manner when you have a breakdown that takes your boat out of commission.

Routine Boat Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent outboard breakdowns. You can have our crew run a variety of checks and tests to find and eliminate most causes of breakdowns, including the following:

- Test the Spark
- Compression Test
- Pressure Test the Lower Unit
- Check Seals & Water Pump
- Test Warning Alarms
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Protective Bottom Painting

Whether you've just bought a new boat or are repairing a classic, a good bottom job is a wise investment of time and money. Bottom paint is a specialized coating applied to the hull of a ship or boat that slows the growth of subaquatic organisms that attach to the hull. Left to their own devices, these organisms can adversely affect your vessel's performance and durability. Our professional crew will prepare your boat for a success bottom job as soon the hull clears the water.

Prospeed Application

Propspeed is a foul release coating system designed and proven to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the water line.
Propspeed gives your props and running gear a long-lasting ultra-smooth surface, preventing fouling and giving you more speed.

Shrink Wrap

Encasing your boat in shrink wrap is a great and economical way to protect it from harsh elements like dirt, dust and sun. Here at Key Largo Harbor Marina we offer shrink wrapping to protect your investment.

Also; There are two Daily Dive Departures. 8:30 AM and 1:30 PM. All dive boat trips include air tanks and weight belts. Gear are rent per half day for use on either our morning or afternoon dive boats. Training course prices do not include rental gear. Drivers License or Passport and credit card required for all rentals.

Other Boat Repairs

Key Largo Harbor Marina repairs more than just boat engines. Our great repair services include, but are not limited to the following:

- Aluminum Boats
- Boat Covers
- Boat Seats & Interior Upholstery
- Canvas
- Fiberglass
- Floors
- Gel Coats
- Hulls
- Propellers
- Sail Boats
- Transoms